EU & WBs / Albania Energy Investment Updates

EU & WBs / Albania Energy Investment Updates

Presentation of Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC

ACERC is a think tank centre with focus on the Albania energy market and its integration in the regional IEM. The Acerc mission base on the in-depth knowledge of EU and regional energy law and policy and strives to provide a qualified contribution to the promotion of the liberalization and effective integration as well as efficient use of energy resources.

main activities briefly consists in build-up collaborations and supports to market players in study researches such as the certificate reports, articles and periodicals. The transfer of high expertise through building-up institutional capacities by national and regional training courses, seminars and conferences. The institutional representation and integration within framework of the forum of Albanian School of Regulation.

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Albania Opportunity for Investors and Land Developers: Spitalla, Koplik & Vlora, 11 July 2015

AEI Updates August 2015Posted by Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD Tue, August 11, 2015 09:21:01

Albania is seeking private sector developers to obtain, develop and operate three fully serviced areas, located in Koplik, Spitalla and Vlora, as newly created Technical and Economic Development Areas (TEDAs). The GoA invites all the interested developers to engage with the Government in non-binding dialogue ahead of a potential tender process.

The initiative seeks in specific to create world-class technical and economic development areas (TEDAs) on land in Koplik (Shkoder district, approx. 61 ha), Spitalla (Durres district, approx. 202.7 ha) and Vlora (Vlore district, approx. 230 ha). As currently, envisioned, future developers will be offered exclusive development and operator rights on these properties, through a long-term lease.

All three areas are in close proximity to a skilled labour force, educational institutions, and city centres with sizeable populations. Developers and investors will benefit from Albania’s competitive, educated and multi-lingual labour force, as well as recent reforms that have improved the country’s business climate and competitiveness. These include steps to strengthen the conditions for investment and improve business and transportation linkages, especially in Europe. These initiatives make Albania an exciting venue to work in the region.

The initiative is designed to enable investors to explore these three opportunities, leading to a potential formal tender process. TEDA investors, developers or operators are hereby invited to submit their formal request in way to starting a non-binding dialogue that intended to ensure a showcase to the TEDAs. Respondents are asked to provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services and to submit their qualifications indicating the name and location of the entities and contact person with contact details.

As well as the portfolio of the relevant activity including: List of relevant projects; Previous international experience in land development, financing, construction, and attraction of new leasehold businesses particularly related to the development and management of similar projects. In last any questions, stipulations or conditions the entity may wish to discuss with the GoA with regard to this opportunity.

The GoA will provide to the developer: Clean usage and long term lease rights to approximately 202.7 ha in Spitalla, 61 ha in Koplik or 230 in Vlora. Size of the leasehold is subject to negotiations; The TEDA Authority to provide expedited government services. An incentives package including measures to eliminate developer liability for existing land pollution, if any; Fiscal and economic incentives for developer and users; Customs incentives. In more, adequate infrastructure (water, power, communication, sewer and drainage facilities) to the borders of the TEDAs; Parallel promotion of the TEDA through AIDA and the different Ministries.

The GoA expect from the developer: Provide perimeter fence and entrance gate and administrative office space for TEDA management, customs operations and government support area; Plan and execute the development of necessary basic infrastructure within the TEDA to provide serviced industrial and commercial land to users; Provide or arrange for the provision of management, promotion and maintenance services to attract and sustain users; Construct or arrange to construct manufacturing, commercial, office, parking, warehouses and other facilities required by investors to their operators, or that may be desirable for marketing the area to end users; Comply with international environmental standards including waste management and demonstrate that the surrounding community is not adversely affected by the TEDA operations; Market the TEDA to end users that comply with international and EU standards regarding monetary business operating standards.

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