EU & WBs / Albania Energy Investment Updates

EU & WBs / Albania Energy Investment Updates

Presentation of Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC

ACERC is a think tank centre with focus on the Albania energy market and its integration in the regional IEM. The Acerc mission base on the in-depth knowledge of EU and regional energy law and policy and strives to provide a qualified contribution to the promotion of the liberalization and effective integration as well as efficient use of energy resources.

main activities briefly consists in build-up collaborations and supports to market players in study researches such as the certificate reports, articles and periodicals. The transfer of high expertise through building-up institutional capacities by national and regional training courses, seminars and conferences. The institutional representation and integration within framework of the forum of Albanian School of Regulation.

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Albanians Work Longer for Less Pay, Survey Says News 04 May 15

AEI Updates May 2015Posted by Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD Tue, May 05, 2015 14:44:03
Albanians Work Longer for Less Pay, Survey Says
News 04 May 15

The average employee in Albania works 2,100 hours per year but is paid less than the average worker in Bulgaria and Macedonia, Europe’s next worst-paid nations, a new survey says.

Gjergj Erebara BIRN Tirana

The survey of medium and large companies in the country that was carried out by the National Institute of Statistics discovered that Albanians usually work longer hours while getting paid much less than workers in neighbouring countries with similar levels of economic development.

The survey, conducted among a representative sample of companies that employ 10 workers or more, found out that the average employee works for about 2,120 hours per year and costs his or her company just 2.2 euro per hour.

The average worker in OECD countries, which are among the world’s wealthiest, spends about 1,770 hours per year at work.

The Albanian Institute of Statistics says that the most costly worker in Europe lives in Norway, where companies have to spend 57.1 euros per hour on each employee.

In the Balkans, after Albania, Bulgaria is the second least costly for companies; there, an hour of work costs on average 3.4 euros per hour. Third is Macedonia at 3.5 euros per hour.

In Romania, workers cost about 4.1 euros per hour while in Serbia they cost 5.1 Euros per hour.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the rate is 5.3 euros per hour and in Montenegro, 5.8 euros per hour.

These costs include all companies’ expenditures on their workforce, including wages, social insurance contributions and money spent on job training.

Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia have a similar level of GDP per capita and differences in labour costs reflect several factors, including the rate of taxation, the structure of the economic production and productivity.

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