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Presentation of Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC

Acerc is a think tank centre with a focus on the Albania energy market and its integration in Regional & IEM. The Acerc mission based on the in-depth knowledge of EU and Regional Energy Law and Policy and strives to provide aqualified contribution to the promotion of the liberalization and effective integration as well as efficient use of energy resources.

Acerc main activities consists in build-up collaboration and support to market players in the market researches such as the release of reports, articles and periodicals. Activity accompanied with the offering of the support in capacity building through national and regional seminars, trainings and conferences. Initiatives aims to enable in advocating in the energy sector promoting a forum called in Albanian School of Regulation.

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Area presentation at En.Trading 016 Seminar: “Understanding SEE power market” 21 April 2016, Rogner Hotel, Tirana, Albania

AEE Updates 2015Posted by Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD Fri, April 22, 2016 00:15:46

Albanian Renewable Energy Association - AREA presented by Dr Lorenc Gordani, has taken part at the En.Trading 016 Seminar: “Understanding SEE power market”, 21 April 2016, Rogner Hotel, Tirana, Albania. Participation that see the keeping of presentation entitle “Albanian electricity market at a crossroads: latest development and the liberalisation process”.

The purpose to get an overview on the development of upcoming Albanian Power Exchanges (APE) makes inevitable the in-depth analyses and projections on renewable energy sector. In the last period, the strategic development of sector is rising up a complex interdisciplinary debate. This time it corresponds to the upcoming new challenges – regard the paradigm of the climate goal and the reaches of the renewables national target – within the long-time effect to the strategic development of the Albanian energy market in the WBs.

In summary, the presentation, aimed to integrate the latest update on legal framework related with the issues on the trading and power market exchanges with the regularly reports and analyses of the organisation that regulate the sector (DG Ener, EnC, ACER, etc.). A paper that reflect the last development in act, based on the concrete daily concerns faced by AREA, concluding with a summary of the position taken in the interest of invests made in the towards last developments.

The paper is part of a wide research work, overtake within the objectives of working programme of the Area with purpose to give a qualified contribute to the promote of the renewable sector and the market liberalisation and regional integration with the propose to the build-up of sustainable model of the energy market. A presentation that it is becoming part of presentation in many national and international seminars, workshops and conferences.

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Report Electricity Market at a Crossroad by Dr Lorenc Gordani

Presentation Electricity Market at a Crossroad by Dr Lorenc Gordani

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